Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's In Your Garden?

What's in your garden this July?  I'm finally seeing the 'baby fruits' of my labor!  Baby green beans are just so adorable!  We are waiting with anticipation to pick our first tomatoes to go along with the basil we planted.  Green beans will be ready soon along with a few peppers.  If I were totally honest I would  be showing you pictures of the plants that didn't make it.  (But those pictures wouldn't get pinned on Pinterest now would they?)  Our cucumbers were stunted and never grew past a few inches.  The yellow squash have also seen an untimely demise due to the attack of the nasty Squash bugs (duh-dun-dun). Despite all the time, attention and fertilizer I gave to some of these plants we will not be seeing baby veggies from them.  So depressing!

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