Monday, April 6, 2009

Etsy Twitter Member of the Week Starla Petersen

Meet Starla Petersen, she is the Etsy Twitter Teams member of the week. Please stop by her Etsy shop, and check out all her fun, whimsical designs. The following is an excert from our teams blog that will tell you a little more about her and her creative process.
“When I first opened my shop, I was only making the wood paintings. But as things have progressed, I've begun to work my love of fabric into it as well, with the newest items being fabric bowls and fabric brooches/pendants. I love fun and whimsical. Everything you see in my shop, I truly enjoyed making. It makes me so happy to be able to express myself creatively, and I hope that comes through in my artwork. I want my work to make people smile.”

What inspires her to create? “The whole entire process inspires me. From start to finish... sketching out ideas... playing around with fabric... picking colors. My absolute favorite part of it all is that first spark of a new idea or design. I get giddy. Unfortunately, my ideas usually come to me as I'm lying in bed about to doze off. It's very hard to get to sleep once I've got a new idea bouncing around in my head.”
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