Saturday, February 21, 2009


I was just thinking about something that frustrates me about this new world of networking, promoting, and selling on the Internet. PASSWORDS. Does anyone else ever get tired of remembering or coming up with passwords for this computer age? I remember when all I had to hold onto in my brain was my phone #, social security # and address. Now that I'm a part of this network of bloggers, crafting entrepreneurs and social net workers I am finding it increasingly hard to remember all this information. Don't get me wrong I keep a tidy little 'Important Info.' list with all my user names and passwords, but occasionally I realize I have forgotten to write the newest one down. Sometimes I will try and guess at what it might have been. After 3 or 4 tries I break down and send for my password request via email. Then go about resetting my new password, which I then have to write down on my 'info' sheet. Don't even think of making a 'weak' password. You must come up with one that is crack proof by using the correct number of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Endless. Funny. Frustrating.


  1. I know! If I loose my planner I'm in trouble! Someone told me recently that a person busy on a computer these days have what CEO's from about 20 years ago had on their plates... not sure about that fully but understand the reasoning, especially when busy with activities like you/we are!

    (Thank you for your kind comment Stacey! Great to meet you too!)

  2. No Kidding! We've had our debit cards replaced umteen times over the past year due to expiration dates and about 3 cases of compromised data with two banks (including the Hannaford's mess). All the pin numbers have been fairly similar too, so they get all scrambled up. If I have to commit one more new pin to memory I'm pretty sure my brain might start oozing out my ears!

  3. Yeah--but just think of how it is keeping your brain exercised and young! lol (I know exactly what you mean!)
    Smiles, Karen